FIT won awards from LG, for outstanding performance in Commercial Air-Conditioning Business in UAE (March 29, 2004), for the highest sale of MPS (Multi Power Systems) in the Middle East (August 16, 2005) and the Best Installation Award from Korea (2005). LG won Overseas awards like Good Design Award G-Mark Japan (2006), Sears PIP Best Suppliers- USA Today (2001, 2003-2004), IF Design Award- USA Today (2001, 2003-2004), Galaxy Award for Split Type (2001), US ARI Certificate for Product Performance (2003-2005), Russian National Brand (2004-RAC,2006), ISO 14001- International Standards for Environmental Management System (2004), Certificate from UAE, Red DOT Design Award (for Split type in 2004 & Frame type in 2005), Choice of the year in Belarus (2001-2002,2004), Rohs Mark (2006), Jarn – World Top Article, Consumer Report- Best Buy (2001-2004) and Choice – Best Buy (1997, 2001).

The Domestic awards won by LG are KT Mark (Korea New Technology) – MOST- (1994-2004), IR52 Jang Young Shil Award – MOST- (1995, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003- 2005), 1st in Korea Brand Power Index- KMA- , Energy Winner of the year-KMA- (2001, 2003-2006), Good Design Award – KIDP- (2000-2002,2006-7), Korea Productivity Award –Best Award- (2006), 1st in Korean Customer Satisfaction Index –KMA-, Environmental Declaration Products- MOCIE,EMC (2003-2004), Global Standard Award-KMA- (2005), IPS- Super Brands (2005), Brand Olympics, Air conditioners – IPS-, National Brand Competitiveness Index (2006), NCSI – 1st in National Customer Satisfaction Index (2005-2006), Korea Energy Award – KMS- (2002).

Having partner like LG that places such a high premium on market requirements and is also so adept at making use FIT feed back and experience in the market is something to which we attach tremendous importance and value.